Faith Formation Registration Instructions and Information

Catholic Prayers for Families

Program Information

  • Families with children in grades PreK-6th will be in our Family of Faith program which includes one Sunday a month for parent catechesis followed by 3-4 weeks of family formation (parents working with their children) as well as monthly whole community events.  Families may work at home on the family formation assignments or in a classroom setting on Sundays. Catechists will be assigned to the families who choose to complete the assignments in the classroom setting. 
  • Students in 7th-12th grade will attend classes from 10:30-12:00 on Sunday mornings (and join any younger siblings for family formation at 10:30). 
  • Students who will be entering the confirmation program in the spring semester (having completed at least two years of adolescent Faith Formation) will be in the Theology of the Body for teens program from 9:00-10:30 AM on Sunday mornings in the fall semester. 

Dates for 2019-2020

  • Online registration for 2019-2020 is now open please read the following instructions and then click the registration tab to complete
  • Walk-in late registration is August 18 & 25, 2019 (after all Sunday Masses)
  • All classes begin on Sunday, September 8, 2019
  • Please note the information regarding the pre-requisite for sacraments

Tuition: Beginning in July you can make a payment online for the 2019-2020 Faith Formation year.

  • To offset the costs for our programs, we ask for a $35 payment per student (K-8) each year, $85 for High school students.
  • This covers the expenses for the materials (textbooks and supplies) which are provided to the families.  There is no additional cost for sacramental preparation.
  • We are unable to accept tuition payments on Sundays during class time
  • Please pay online (beginning in July) or bring payments to the parish office during business hours, You may also drop it in the basket on Sunday but clearly mark it as a Faith Formation payment with your family name and the names of each student.

Important information for all families, especially for those seeking sacraments:

  • Catholic School students have religious education daily in the school year (180 days/per for 12-13 years). Parish programs only meet once per week (~30 days/year). In order for children to receive a good foundation in  our Catholic faith, children should be/continue in the program from age 3 through high school. 
  • Therefore, unless your child attends Catholic School, at least one year for 1st communion and 2 years for confirmation of age-appropriate parish formation is required prior to enrolling for a sacramental year. 
  • 1st Reconciliation and 1st Holy Communion (2 sacraments) is a 4 month Spring program. 
  • All Confirmation students complete a 1.5 year formation in the Catholic Faith, including Theology of the Body for teens, before enrolling in the 4 month Spring Confirmation program with their sponsor.
  • If you have any questions please contact the parish office (352-483-3500). 

For Parents of Youth:

  • If you are registering a Middle or High School youth, please complete the Medical/Consent form as well and have your student bring it with them to the first class. 
  • Please provide a cell phone or e-mail for your youth so they can receive reminders. 
  • Diocese of Orlando policy requires that a parent or guardian is aware of all communication between a diocesan employee and a minor, so please indicate how you wish to be copied on all reminders sent to your youth.


English Medical/Consent Form for Youth (must be printed out and brought to registration or the first class)