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It seems fitting to begin our new liturgical year, during the holy season of Advent, with a focus on the Holy Father's call for us to be a people of synodality.  A people of synodality are on a journey, and I hearken to the beautiful story of Emmaus where Jesus walks alongside two disciples who have just witnessed His death and have heard stories about His Resurrection.  Yet, they did not recognize Him until He spoke with them (shared the Word of God) and broke bread with them (offering them the gift of Himself through the Eucharist).  It was only then that they knew He was Jesus.  In our journey, we are called to be Jesus to others and to recognize Jesus in others.  This journey is one of prayer and sharing and listening so that we grow in our love of God and love of one another as God loves us.  I pray with you that our journeying together will open our heart to God..."

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend John Noonan

Bishop of Orlando


St. Vincent de Paul - Food Pantry

Note from St. Vincent de Paul Society.  The Food Pantry is now open for food distribution on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM.    No appointment is necessary to receive food.

However, to receive help with utilities, you must make an appointment.  People are asked to call (352)589-2603, SPEAK SLOWLY, leaving their name and phone number so that we can call them to make an appointment.  Thank You

Nota de la Sociedad San Vincente de Paul El martes, 5 de mayo de 2020, la despensa de alimentos de la Sociedad San Vincente de Paul comenzara a distribuir, solamente alimentos, a la comunidad necesitada con cita previa.  Para concertar cita, se les pide llamar al 352 589 2603, HABLEN LENTAMENTE, dejando su nombre y numero de telefono para poder llamarlos y darles fecha y hora de su cita.  Muchas gracias.


Senior Care Resources

The following website is a free resource that provides comprehensive information on topics such as financial support and assisted living options for Seniors.