Please see the bottom of the page for Information on how to make up classes for Call to Right Judgment, Fortitude and Wisdom

Click here for a review of basic Catholic precepts and knowledge as well as the prayers to memorize for confirmation

Note: Knowledge of Catholic Faith and prayers is ordinarily assessed using tests, which can be taken as many times as necessary to gain mastery.  If this is not a feasible option for a candidate, they may meet with the Pastor to allow him to determine the readiness for the Sacrament. 

We work with families to meet any special academic, spiritual or physical needs so that all may have access to the sacraments. Please communicate any and all special circumstances so we may do all we can to assist.

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CONFIRMATION at St. Mary of the Lakes

  • Confirmation is offered at St. Mary of the Lakes for any Catholic who will be 14 years or older at the time of the Sacrament (this is due to the age-appropriate levels of catechesis)
  • Candidates, age 12+, complete the Call to Right Judgment and Call to Fortitude (this is a 2-year catechetical program called "Chosen") in order to gain a strong foundation in the Catholic Faith which they desire to be confirmed in.
  • Candidates must have a solid age-appropriate foundation in the Catholic Faith PRIOR to entering the Call to Wisdom program (by completing the Chosen program). In other words, if the candidate has NOT been attending Faith Formation program since First Communion, they will be in class for 3 academic years.
  • During the fall semester, just prior to beginning Sacramental catechesis, all candidates must be enrolled in and complete the Theology of the Body for Teens program ("You"). 
  • Immediate Sacramental Catechesis for Confirmation (usually in the Spring) involves candidates completing the program with their sponsors for the final 4 months of Call to Wisdom (12 sessions just prior to Confirmation)
  • There is also a 2.5-day retreat during Call to Wisdom (usually, during the Immediate Sacramental Catechesis)--This is NOT an overnight retreat

Sponsor requirements

  • At least 16 years of age and fully initiated in the Catholic Church
  • Sponsor form completed: Signed by the sponsor’s pastor indicating that the sponsor is a practicing Catholic, participating in the sacramental life and living in Communion with the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Sponsor’s Certificate of Confirmation
  • Sponsor’s Certificate of Marriage—if married
  • Must be available to attend the final 12 sessions and part of the retreat with their candidate (Note: the sessions are in English, so if at all possible sponsors really need to speak English)


Makeup sessions for Chosen & You: 

  • Go to http://www.ascensionpress/login (Username:; Password: holyspirit)
  • Read the text and view the missing chapter videos with a parent or sponsor
  • Have your parent or sponsor write a note stating that they watched the program and discussed it with you
  • For Chosen,
  • For YOU,
    • Discuss the questions in the textbook and write the answers in your book or spiral notebook
    • Complete one of the homework options:
      • Answer any five review questions thoroughly and in complete sentences
      • or Complete one of the "Work It Out" assignments
      • or Complete one of the "Work It Out" projects



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