Sacramental Preparation


Faith is not only about knowledge. It is experienced and relational.  Parents pass on the faith to their children by how they live their own faith. When parents are active in our community including weekly Mass attendance, participation in the sacraments and having Christ in the center of their lives, their children will desire the same. Sacramental catechesis is a conversion process involving the entire family through catechetical and liturgical experiences during the sacramental catechesis sessions.

Call to Celebrate: These are our Immediate Sacramental Preparation Programs. These groups meet the special catechetical and spiritual needs of those who are preparing for the Sacraments of Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, Confirmation and Marriage. We have different programs for each sacrament. These are scheduled periodically throughout the year.

Note: Even though Faith is relational, a age-appropriate foundation in the Catholic Faith is needed for the understanding of the sacramental catechetical and conversion process.  Those registering for Sacramental catechesis must have be enrolled and active in Faith Formation as well.

Requirements for Sacramental Preparation:

- Registered parishioner of St. Mary of the Lakes

- Weekly Mass attendance & living in full Communion with the Church

- Solid, age-appropriate Foundation in the Catholic Faith (1+ years of Faith Formation)

- Satisfactory completion of the Formation Program (1-2+ years, depending on the Sacrament) and the Sacramental Catechetical Program for the Sacrament (3-12 sessions depending on the Sacrament, it may also involve a retreat) 

- Registration form or Sacramental interview(s) completed

Baptism Certificate (for Communion, Confirmation & Marriage)

If a family is divorced, before a child can begin sacramental catechesis, we must have written proof that the custodial parent has the permission to prepare the child for sacraments.

Attendance of all Immediate Sacramental Preparation Sessions (3-12), Retreats & Rites by Candidates (and Parents or Sponsors).

If any of the Sacramental sessions are missed, the Sacrament will be postponed until all sessions are completed.

Sessions according to Sacrament

  • Baptism: 3 sessions for parents & god-parents (usually given in a half-day retreat format every three months)
  • First Reconciliation: 6 sessions for student and parent(s)
  • First Holy Communion: 6 sessions for student and parent(s)-also a 1-day retreat
  • Confirmation: 12 sessions for candidate and sponsor-also 2.5-day retreat
  • Marriage: 3-5+/- sessions with pastor, 4-6 sessions with sponsor couple, NFP class and a Pre-cana Retreat or workshop